IATM is the professional association of experienced Tour Managers. We were founded over forty years ago and today we have members all over the world. IATM represents the views of Tour Managers at national, European and international levels and is lobbying for full professional recognition.
IATM provides a dispute procedure upon legitimate written complaint and, when necessary, operates a disciplinary function over its members or a defence procedure on their behalf.
We organise educational tours, visits and programmes to promote and encourage the highest standards of performance and knowledge among its members.
IATM publishes regular newsletters and an annual membership handbook.  We hold an annual meeting where members can exchange views, help form Association policy and attend seminars and lectures.
IATM has a social aspect and cooperates fully with other trade organisations.

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Rosie Govaerts, Active Member

In 1962, 12 European Tour Managers met together in London to found the International Association of Tour Managers.


Their purpose: to exchange information, views, experiences and difficulties encountered. At this stage, the Association was little more than a social club. Today, IATM is truly an "International Association", with members throughout Australasia, Europe, India, Israel, North and South America, and Taiwan.


In 1983 IATM was divided into Regions to cope with the worldwide growth in membership. Each Regional Chairman is appointed to the IATM Board of Directors. This arrangement allows for a measure of local autonomy and for attention to be given to local needs and interests.

-"Its Fantastic to see how much we grew over the years."

 Filip Mattheeuws,

Board Member

Since 1984 IATM has been actively involved representing the interests of Tour Managers to the institutions of the EU, specifically working toward recognition of the profession of Tour Manager. In 1992 the EU approved a syllabus for the training of professional Tour Managers which became the basis of the Certificate of Tour Management (CTM). The CTM examination is open to Active members of IATM and affords them the opportunity to gain a qualification which recognizes their professional commitment and ability.

-"Since 1984 IATM has been actively involved representing the interests of Tour Managers to the institutions of the EU."

IATM has a long and proud relationship with the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) having been an Allied member of ASTA since the earliest days of the association. We also maintain close links with the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).

Recognising the value of advance information of proposed EU legislation, and thus being able to influence its outcome, in 1994 IATM became a full member of ETAG (European Travel and Tourism Action Group).


In 2004 IATM joined the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) allowing us to maintain close co-operation with Tour Operators and to discuss issues of common interest.


Important issues currently being discussed include: the employment status of Tour Managers: recognition of the added-value of Tour Managers; relations with Tourist Guides; free movement within the E.U.; working hours; and the dynamic nature of modern Group Package Travel.

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