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Dear friends, dear members and colleagues,

Since the establishment of IATM, now 56 years ago, the travel world has changed radically. Terrorism has led to stricter regulations, safety controls changed beyond recognition. Social networks have appeared changing the mentality and travel habits of our clients since their arrival, not to mention mass tourism bringing about cheap flights and cheaper accommodation like Air B&B with all the consequences that this brings. This raises the problem of sustainable tourism. For this we must talk to local authorities and other tourist organizations to address the problems that arise.

It is now over two years since I had the honour of taking over as the Chair of the Belgian region of IATM. Since I took over the number of members has increased to 57. I hope to reach the reach the number of 60 members this year.

The creation of a new website was also necessary, it took some work and we still need to do some more to refine it, but here it is.



This new website must also allow us to communicate with each other more easily. Members must be able to keep contact with each other via the website. This website should become an instrument that should be consulted daily.

The website is also to be the ambassador of the Belgian IATM region to attract new allied and corporate members.

As this is a new instrument, it is off course not perfect. Your input and remarks are more than welcome to improve the website and its contents.

The log in procedure to the members section of the website is explained in the next newsletter.

Enjoy this website,

Georges Depoorter

Chairman of the Belgian Region

Chairman of the Board of Directors

International Association of

Tour Managers Belgium

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