The professions of a tour manager/tour guides are not regulated in Austria, which means in regard to professional qualifications no preconditions have to be fulfilled by employers or employees established in other EU members, when they want to provide cross-border services in Austria temporarily.


The activities of tourist guides however falls under the regulated trade "Fremdenführer" in Austria, which means a certain qualification is required by law. Core activities of tourists guides are to show and explain  the historic treasures and the artistic and cultural heritage of Austria („the actual guided tours“). Tourist guides from other EU-member states may perform this activities occasionally and temporarily under the conditions of Art. 5 - 7 of the Professional Qualifications-Directive 2005/36/EC. The conditions are:

  • you are legally established in a EU / EEA state or Switzerland with the right to provide comparable services that you would like to provide in Austria,

  • the relevant activity is regulated in the state of establishment/ you have a regulated education and training in this field or

  • you have provided the service in the state of establishment at least one year during the last ten years .

You also have to submit a "service notification" in advance to the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs.

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